Welcome Crafting makes everyone HAPPY!

Hi, my name is Lisa!


As a married mother of four, and grandmother of six, I know all too well how important it is to show low in everything you do. This is what makes my crafts so special! My items are handcrafted, and I craft for my customers as I would for my family; with level in every stitch!


I’ve been crafting for 17 years, and this love of crafting is why I am starting my business. I have always loved crafting and it has been part of everything I do. I have my own craft room to stay organized, but anyone who crafts will tell you, it’s impossible to be 100% organized. I do everything from coloring to making t-shirts, so I figured I’d give selling a go; not to mention everyone asks me if I can make them the things I craft. If you have an ideal for something that you don’t already see me selling, use the contact us page to request custom crafts! I have always worked in Customer Service, so be assured, you will get the best of me. I look forward to doing bushiness with you!